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Alto Sur’s technical staff is qualified and certified to carry out industrial maintenance work, such as repairing blades in wind mills, as well as offering technical rescue teams for plant, distillery, and compressor stoppages. We carry out maintenance on roofs and place sheets on compressors, industrial warehouses or werehouses. etc The equipment components used in the work are certified under the highest international quality standards (CE / EN and IRAM).

We provide solutions to complex tasks, avoiding large costs of cranes, machines and heavy equipment.

With our Rope Access techniques, Alto Sur can be fast, safe and work with quality, thus reducing COSTS and TIME.




Petromark, Confined Spaces

The content es very practical. Both the training and the instructor and staff at Alto Sur are excellent. The course is very dynamic.

Black Services, GWO

The service is excellent. The course is very educational and the instructors are very attentive. His predisposition is excellent.

AESA, Work at Height

The instructors have a very good predisposition, they respond to each of the concerns and they explained many things that we did not know. I emphasize the warmth of the place and the staff.

Pan American Energy, Confined Spaces

In general terms, everything is excellent. Very good teaching method. The instructors are excellent in every aspect.

Dimi Group, GWO

I highlight the predisposition of the Alto Sur staff, they are excellent people. The instructors are excellent, any doubt is very well founded.

Flex-wind, GWO

The knowledge of the instructors and their predisposition is excellent. The training is very complete.

Petromark, Confined Spaces

The course is excellent, dynamic and easy to understand. There is a very good predisposition to doubts and corrections in the practical part.

R&C Engineering, GWO

The knowledge of the instructors is excellent and their predisposition is remarkable.
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